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AIBY's mission is to instill a conscious approach to their lifestyle for all generations, creating products for youth and longevity using artificial intelligence. The concept of our company is based on three principles that shape our values

The International Stevie Award 2021 winner

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Consumer Products Industries
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Health Products & Services
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Health tech - an integrated approach to the quality of life


Analyzed the problems of more than 125 million people and were able to form programs


Who have tested our program feel much better and would like to recommend themselves to friends


wellness directions


recovered easier after COVID-19

13 countries

internationsl team


Doctors in the telemedicine section

90 %

Reached the set goals


We have created a platform that will collect your personal health program based on your goals and medical indicators. We have developed it in 5 languages, which will allow you to become the best version of yourself in over 100 countries. We have created 1000 programs with over 100 wellness experts. AIBY offers numerous benefits to people of all ages and levels of health indicators. It will help prevent some diseases and prolong your life! We've made the platform so user-friendly that it fits seamlessly into your daily routine, and you'll have no excuse not to get started. Telemedicine, marketplace, smart talking mirror, learning platform with practical tasks - everything you need to balance body and mind, hormones and feel love for yourself


Social missions

 Every year our company selects social missions for the well-being of people around the world. We implement these tasks by combining scientific research and technological developments. Three missions 2021-2022:

Helping people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

We create programs for patients of any age and use a robot mirror to achieve maximum results in socialization.

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Mental health of parents of children with special needs

Parents also need care and support, so we have created a platform that fights not with stress and "burnout", but the reasons why it arose.

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 Accessible telemedicine to the population of Africa

We have created an online consultation service with top-class specialists for medical consultations in African countries.

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Our team of scientists already has a large number of developments, on the basis of which our products are created. Laboratory research and clinical trials allow us to obtain the necessary patents and licenses.

We interact with many technology companies and expand the scope of our cooperation.

We have created a unique technology for the extraction of sea urchin caviar for the finished raw materials.We conducted psychological and sociological research to compile programs on the platform.


We continue to hold the right to be a comprehensive health platform, which is why we conduct research on the influence of hydrobionts and have started an experiment on the composition of biogenic implants, obtaining patents for development.

The results of our latest research

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Research: the best method to cope with stress

AIBY conducted a survey among residents of 10 countries and found that Russians are more likely to use sports as an anti-stress. 55 percent of citizens said that fitness classes help them cope with stress...Read more

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Sports help to cope with stress for more than half of respondents in Russia.

In total, 7.5 thousand people from 10 countries took part in the survey. The results showed that Russians are more likely to try to play sports to combat stress than residents of other countries. ...Read more

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55% of Russians choose sports to increase the barrier of stress resistance.

With the help of communication with loved ones, 35% of Russians cope with experiences, meditation and dietary supplements are chosen by 5% of the country's residents...Read more

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In addition, Russians appreciate the way of digital detox in the fight against stress-the refusal to communicate using gadgets and modern technologies...Read more

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Opera News

In addition, Russians appreciate the way of digital detox in the fight against stress-the refusal to communicate using gadgets and modern technologies...Read more

Our officies   

Our offices are not only physical buildings where computer work is envisaged, but are also places for the extraction of raw materials for our products, as well as virtual offices for the development team

5 years

development and formulas

$ 2,4 M

investments attracted to date


users take part in beta testing of the platform